Loki and Hermes Picture

This picture consists of Loki, the trickster god of Norse mythology on the left, and Hermes, the Greek god of messengers, thieves, travelers, and so on, on the left. I drew them together like this because they are both flying pranksters.

loki is literally the god of lies and deception (and also fire) and one of his many nicknames is Skywalker. He often steals Frigga's feather cloak to turn into a bird and fly off.

Hermes played tricks since he was just an infant, like stealing Apollo 's entire heard of cattle. He is always depicted with his caduceus ( a winged staff with two serpents wrapped around it) and his wingers sandals that allow his to fly as fast as the wind. The wings around his head are supposed to represent Hermes's winged helmet.

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