Hermes Picture

Hermes: Messenger of the Gods~ Hermes was the son of Zeus and the Pleiade, Maia. He had quite a few things under his domain of rule. Some of these include: boundaries and the travelers who cross them, he was the protector of shepherds and cowherds, thieves, orators and wit, literature and poets, athletics and sports, weights and measures, invention, and of commerce in general. Symbols of Hermes were the palm tree, turtle, rooster, goat, the number four, several kinds of fish, and incense. Sacrifices involved honey, cakes, pigs, goats, and lambs.

Hermes is one of my favorite Gods, by far. He is a very playful sort, a trickster if you will (but not as malicious as the Norse God, Loki.) He had quite a few consorts and even coupled with Aphrodite to produce the God/ddess, Hermaphrodite (I'll let you guess what was so special about that one... hah.)
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