Trade: Tricksters Picture

Set: I don't get it. Why can't you just kick him where it hurts and chop him into little pieces?
Hermes: Because that's boring~! plushe'smydad. Do you really think he'll fall for it?
Loki: Trust me, I've done this loads of times before. He'll fall for it- head over heels~ How's my hair coming?
Hermes: Almost done this side~ Gotta think of how to distract the dragon lady now.
Loki: Just drag this fellow along and ask her what he is. Hours of family fun.
Set: ...
Hermes: You guys are my best friends. :'D


My half of an art trade with my amazing buddy ~Kiotona who drew me so many amazing pictures but especially this one: [link] :3 So this is part of my life-long quest to repay her.

Her request was to draw some Egyptian, Norse, and Greek gods hanging out. :3 SO HERE ARE THE TRICKSTERS~

They are getting ready for an epic prank on Zeus where Loki disguises himself as a woman (This is at least the third time he's done this. He's even gotten pregnant a couple of times, random.) and Hermes distracts Hera while Set sits there looking badass or something while people try and figure out wtf he's supposed to be.

Loki is virtually impossible to find references of in Viking art it seems, but that makes sense since he's a shape shifter. His name is etymologically close to the word for fire (which matches his character, he can be either useful or destructive- most often both.) so I tried to give his hair (which may or may not be just part of his clever disguise or his actual hair) a little bit of a flame quality. ANYWAY if I draw him again don't expect him to look the same.
I had fun looking up viking-y clothes. :3 They're so cool.

Set looks mostly the same in all Egyptian depictions, but the colour varies. No one alive knows what the hell he is.
Egyptian gods are often depicted with ankhs because they are the only ones who hold power over life and death. I like the idea of Set playing with life in his hands. XD

Hermes changes over time, in the early traditions he had a full beard and an even more ridiculous hat, but the images I grew up with tended to be the later (more Hellenistic/Roman) versions, so that's what he looks like n stuff.

It's funny, looking at different gods of similar things. You can tell a lot about a culture this way. I might do more series like these. :3 So for example, I looked up a list of trickster figures in mythology, and the longest list seemed to be in Greek myths (Odysseus, Sisyphus, Hermes, etc. etc. The Greeks love tricksy people~!) There were quite a few in Hawaiian and Japanese myths. Most others were content with one or two. XD
Set and Loki were often portrayed as malevolent beings, but they had their heroic moments. (Loki especially; the gods in Norse mythology seem to be pretty fond of helping people out... but Loki was really mostly interested in his own benefits. He also had a bit more character development than Set did.) Hermes on the other hand was a trickster and a criminal, but he was portrayed along with Hestia as a protector of the household as well as the saviour of travelers and merchants in Ancient Greece.

YEAH LONG MYTHOLOGY RAMBLE. It would be longer but I gotta think about this stuff more before I spit it out. XD

Expect more mythological-type pictures in the future~
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