Greek Mythology Sketch Dump Picture

Doodlings I do in Greek Mythology class while waiting at the start or in his breaks. Most of the information is on the powerpoint anyway which we have access to so I do a bit of drawing in those classes.
At the top we have young Apollo and Artemis, Aphrodite
Aphrodite Kallipygos which means 'beautiful bum'. Seriously. It's a statue in a museum in... Naples? My lecturer had great joy telling us how he touched the butt. He didn't use that phrase but that's what he did. And he got told off.
Tiny in the middle is Athena and another Aphrodite below her.
In blue pen, is Hermes with his hat
Bottom is Athena, and Dionysus with Aphrodite. Both are very sexual deities

I had to collect them from all over the place. Super pleased with Kallipygos. This is the statue my lecturer spanked…
I want to draw them again when I get my tablet
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