Siegfried and Dragonmaster Picture

Wow, what's that? A keyblade design of mine that I actually like? Miracles do happen...
I wanted to call it "Dragonslayer" first, but that seemed too similar to a certain group of people in Fairy Tail.

Vanitas: And now you're going to spoil his backgrounds, right?
Of course.
Siegfried's name is actually a mythology gag, nodding towards the german Nibelungenlied (and not only his name, but the one of his cousin Hagen as well). It's also the name Lance (Pokémon) was given in the german version of red/blue/gold/silver. Cynthia is the one who proposes this name to him, because she noticed the strong resemblance to the elite-four-trainer as well as the dragon motif of his keyblade.
Vanitas: *yawn*
Am I boring you?
Vanitas: Yeah, but for the most part, I'm just tired.
Trouble sleeping?
Vanitas: A certain person keeps cuddling me whenever I try to. It's annoying.
... I'm sure it must be hard to have someone that doesn't pee his/her pants when you're around. And shows compassion and seriously likes you for unknown reasons.
Vanitas: I knew you'd understand me.
You GET OUT and hug her now!
Vanitas: NO! Are you nuts?
Look who's talking.
Vanitas: Touché.
You go and hug her like you mean it!
Vanitas: How 'bout I send an unversed to hug her instead? The idiot didn't apperciate it, but I'm sure SHE does.
You're a horrible person.
Vanitas: Meh. For that, I'd need to be a person to begin with.
I hate not being able to hate you after sentences like that.

Siegfried is a prince in his home world and taught in many subjects since early childhood for his future as king. He has two younger siblings, a sister named Erica and a brother, Rohan. To both of them he is quite close and would do everything to keep them safe. He even allowed them to swing his sword once, when they behaved well on his birthday celebration. The only one he trusts that much is his cousin Hagen.
Although a little more formal, especially on official occasions, his relationship to his parents is a good one as well.
His story begins around his fifteenth birthday, when people in his world come of age. Shortly afterwards, he is sent to a castle close to the country's borders to learn more about the military and defending his home from bandits from the other side of the border.
When he discovers a conspiracy against the crown, he returns home immediatly, but is still to late. Hagen claims to have already killed king, queen and little brother and sister of Siegfried, enraging him to the point of summoning his keyblade and using it against him in a serious fight, which the prince loses and leaves him scarred. Hagen proposes that, if he wants to prevent a civil war because of splitted opinions in the people about who should be king, that Siegfried forgoes his birthright to follow his father on the throne.
Of course, knowing that a rebellion in most cases ends in unnecessary bloodshed, he accepts but vows to inofficially go against the new king.
Hagen anticipated as much and tells him that he would be decapitated as soon as he had disclaimed his birthright.
It is then that Siegfried becomes suspicious, noticing Hagen limping and showing the wrong hand, when he tried to explain that his wound from their bloodbrothership had healed long ago. However, he never learns, that actually Hagen's father was the one behind the conspiracy and Hagen himself just the puppet for official needs, who even helped Rohan and Erica escape from the castle when he should have slain them. Because of his role, Hagen decides to make Siegfried hate him as much as he can, so his cousin would reclaim what was his and mercilessly fight against him.

On the day of the execution, Siegfried already had a plan to flee himself, but in the end was rescued by a disguised Hermes and Rayleigh putting up a monster-show to distract everyone else. Nowhere else to go, he leaves with them for the Realm of Darkness.

Siegfried probably is the most serious of the thirteen Darknesses. For his young age, he already had to prepare himself for the role of a souvereign, thus forcing him to leave childish behaviour behind long ago. He uses an advanced, albeight timeworn vocabluary and needs someone to translate him vogue expressions. Other than those, he is quite educated in many subjects.
He likes to play chess and the violine.
He is caring towards children and has a godlike patience with everyone except liars. In arguments, he tries to find a diplomatic solution that doesn't require weapons, often clashing with Hermes' decisions.
Siegfried has a strong moral codex comparable to the one of knights in romantic stories as well as the manners of a true gentleman. It is because of that he tried to get Syl to join the group and felt terrible when she reacted to his touch on her shoulder by jerking away and crying. It also made him want to slice the ones responsible for her painful past into tiny bloody pieces (diplomatic or not, there is a limit to his understanding).
From now on he approached the girl more carefully and tried to slowly involve her in their everyday life. Although she doesn't show much emotion at all, being around her as much makes him wish to see her smiling and over the course of time lets him fall in love with her. Feeling it would probably scare her off for good, he keeps this detail to himself, yet some of the older people in their residential community noticed this.

Vanitas: Wait, wasn't Siegfried the one that gave Syl the axe?
Oh, you memorized it. I'm so proud of you.
Vanitas: That guy has some strange way to show his love.
I'd say, someone sitting in a glasshouse shouldn't be throwing stones...
Vanitas: Hey, I don't love anyone. I hate everyone equally.
Sure you do, sure you do...
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