Castor Picture

I don't know how much of a fanart you can call this, but whatever, I don't really care too much about the category of my art anyway!
Anywho, I've been looking into some different forums on Gaia and I found several .hack RPs, so I decided to go ahead and design my own character really quick, since I couldn't find any pictures that looked anything like what I was hoping for.

Well, for those of you who can't guess, he's a twin blade. I based some of his design off the good ole Cobalt Knight Brigade from .hack// legend of the twilight for those of you who know what that is. If not, it was a manga/anime series based on .hack. Getting back to Castor... He's still a relative newb, though in real life, he's played other MMORPGs before coming to the world, so he has some general knowledge. As a result, he's liable to point out basic interface messages and is prone to ask stupid questions about what would seem to be simplistic things(remember, he's had some experience before, so he's not completely RPG oblivious).
For his name, I was actually flipping through an old mythology book and happened to stumble across the name. The story goes that there were two brothers Castor and Pollux. Pollux was a god and Castor was his mortal brother. The oracle had foretold Castor's death, and when he died, Pollux became inconsolable, so Hermes, out of pity for Pollux, allowed Pollux to share his life with Castor. The story continues with two different interpretations from here, that one lived on earth and the other heaven and every time one went down the other had to go up, so they could never be together and another version says that they split their days between the underworld and Olympus.

If anybody wants to RP with me using him, note me or PM me on Gaia(my username is the same there as it is here).

Well, unless you guys have any other questions about Castor I'll talk with you later.

Download for a better view of the picture!!!
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