Olympus Coliseum Edit - Maiko and Roxane Picture

Base by BiotroidXIII.

Here's a quick edit of Maiko and Roxane in Olympus Coliseum. As you can tell, Maiko got a big change while I merely changed a bit of draping on Roxane. This is a little sloppy, but seeing as there are probably going to be more edits later on, I feel pretty justified in this one. No hair; Maiko's going through a hair change at the moment, and I haven't decided on what that is yet, so . . .

Maiko: Toga party, anyone? It's a white cotton toga with gold embellishments. The costume is based off of Hermes, who we see very briefly in Hercules.

Roxane: Pretty similar to the last one, just better draping. Not sure that I understand quite how it would work in real life yet, but I'll figure it out. I feel like I need an accent color on hers as well, but I can't decide what I want yet. She's based off of Ares, who we never see in Hercules, but I'm versed well enough in Greek Mythology to have a good idea. Again, it'll probably be edited again.

I didn't see a reason to revise Elysion's design, so for now, his is staying the same.
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