2008-2013 Picture

If you can get the image bigger to see everything, may the sky gods bless you.

2008: We…don’t speak of this. I started with pencil and paper and Pokemon, Digimon, and anime (-coughNARUTOcough-).

2009: I discover Paint. Also dragons. What are backgrounds? I was really into strange animals for some reason. And pteranodons.

2010: Lots of tablet stuff. I got it for my birthday that year and I think at the same time I started Percy Jackson?? That or I was really into the Disney Greek mythology stuff I don’t know. That little dude with wing-ears is supposed to be Hermes.

2011: Dad abandoned us, I develop a fantasy world out of loneliness and too many musicals running through my mind.

2012: Fell in love with my fantasy world. Also NaNoWriMo. I have NO idea what I was doing then and I don’t think I knew then either.

2013: MaGIc????????????????????????////

Just don’t give up please if you want to give up drawing because you are not as good just keep drawing and doodling and throwing whatever you can on paper okay just keep doing it and don’t give up. Magic will happen, you gotta work for it and it’ll come.

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