VCAA_Emblem Picture

This emblem was created for Visual communication arts alumni club. I found that it looks like Hermes’s scepter in Greek mythology. It’s the scepter with snakes winding on it, which used as medical symbol until today.

This emblem consist of white snake, Stylus, paintbrush. Faculty crest, golden laurel leaves, and ribbon banner.

Snake is considered as a symbol of wisdom in Greek mythology. It also represents rebirth and regeneration.

The white snake which winding into infinite shape refers to the pure, eternal flows of wisdom. The snakebites on its tail implicate that there’s a pain in every success.

The Golden laurel is the implication of victory.

The paintbrush symbolize as creativity and artistry, which is important for visual communication arts student.

Stylus represents sharpened knowledge.

Faculty crest refers to strong-bonded unity of faculty.

By these entire components combine together, it means “The pure wisdom, knowledge, artistry, and creativity, which will flows forever for the faculty”.
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