Tales of the Pantheon No. 1 Picture

Welcome to Tales of the Pantheon #1. Kari worships a menagerie of different deities(all with their own personalities). Sometimes, I need to poke fun at them, cause well, they deserve it occasionally. Actually, not all of them are deities. I venerate a knight(akhu) related to me and honor St. Christopher(the Byzantine style, with dog head and all that). There will occasionally be special guests. If you find this offensive, you need to get a life. This is humor after all.

You follow the boxes from left to right. The dialog bubbles don't go from left to right however. They are also numbered like 1 or 2(1 meaning you read first, 2 you read second, etc.).

***Part of the dialog in box 6 got cut off. Where it says "xolo" that is supposed to say "Xolotl." Damn scanner.

The stars of the pantheon: Mithras, Hermes, Anpu(Anubis), Xolotl, The Ancestor, Saint Christopher and Wepwawet.
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