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in which Thor runs into an old friend he barely remembers. Anasi!

People think this whole series is based alot on Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods' novel -- which I have read, many years ago. I'd say Divine Whiners owes a lot more to 'The Long Dark TeaTime of the Soul' by Douglas Adams, and 'Gods Behaving Badly' by Marie Phillips. The same gods reoccur in all these novels, as they're some of the most interesting characters plucked from existing mythology, tweaked to match whatever story tone I'm trying to set.

Any thoughts or reccommendations on gods I should include as the story continues, let me know! Kokopelli and Coyote should be showing up some point, and the little tiki guy from waaaaay back at the beginning of Loki's storyline will become more prevalent too.

I really need to do more research on interesting female deities, the most I can find reside in Greek Mythology, which has been touched on elsewhere, I've only really shown Hermes, who I feel gets excluded alot.

Thoughts, thinkingy thoughts...

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