PJ Meme Picture

Alright this is a Percy Jackson Meme, because I just jumped back on the Greek Mythology Band wagon for like the seventh time this year. This is my Camper, her name is Calla Briar, a daughter of Demeter, but she spends most of the series in Hermes Cabin because she hadn't been claimed. Calla is just an unnamed camper in the book, but I decided to give her life and she's going to end up in a relationship with Will Solace, who isn't in the book that much either, I'm a Percy and Nico fangirl, but it just doesn't seem right that Calla who will only ever be a background character would be with either of them...too mary sue. But I like the idea of Will Solace and her...I think it'd be cute. Anyway here's my meme...yes I am the daughter of Athena.
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