Fractured Mythology: Hell Picture

Welcome to the very first Fractured Mythology picture! It probably won't turn into a series, but it would be nice, wouldn't it?
FM is basically me drawing mythological events in my little fantasy world that all my little characters live in. This was based upon a dream I had, where a Samir and the Gate Hound of hell were talking in German (I'll be damned if I know how I can speak German asleep, but not awake) and when I woke up this little snapshot of time was stuck in my memory.

Only now do I realise how very much the Samir (His name is Zeferino) and the Gate Hound (His name is Κοτόπουλοπόδι, which is Greek for Chickenfoot. I made up his name in my dream, of course it's odd) is very, very close to Hermes and Cerberus, and how I didn't notice this sooner, I do not know.

Zeferino (Or Zed) is a Samir, as I explained, but his race is dying, because they were caught in a war that lasted hundreds of thousands of years with their racial enemies. (I have no idea what they are, but I'm pretty sure the Samir succeeded in genocide, so don't bother asking) Zed is the last of his clan, and through a series of unfortunate events (*Is sued*) was forced into slavery for the Gods. But they (The Gods) prefer to use the term "involuntary servitude for eternity".

Hell (Or rather, Hölle) is where demons live. Naughty people don't actually go to Hölle, but are eaten by Chickenfoot. This explains his obesity. (He was much, much fatter in my dream) Chickenfoot can speak two languages: Canine and German. The natural tongue of Hölle is German. This isn't racism, I swear! For one reason or another, in my dream everyone in hell spoke only German, and I seem to be very intelligent in my sleep, so I kept this fact. And, hey, if you can suddenly speak a language you have only been taught for three or four years and can only consciously say "I am small" in it, but whilst asleep have entire conversations with yourself IN THE ACTUAL LANGUAGE, then you must be smarter asleep then awake.



Κοτόπουλοπόδι (Chickenfoot) and Zeferino (Zed) © ~ThE-ReD-MuTT

Zed: "How is Hell (Hölle)?"
Chickenfoot: "Good, good. How is the delivery?"
Zed: "Not so good..."
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