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His element can have different names for it, for there are many synonyms. I also hope its self-explanitory somewhat.

Name: Jevin Myris
Element: Sprint/Dash

Jevin would probably be the most generous of them all. He's the type to put others first, instead of himself. Jevin usually runs tasks for the gang, not only to help them, but that if he didn't, everyone including him could be in danger. Some examples would be delivering messages like a messanger, and transporting the whole group to different locations, to cut down travel time. (this only works if they've been there before, and he's holding a feather from his boots) Theres also another peek at the last four profiles.
Because speed in any battle is an advantage, despite any low offense/defense powers. Which sums up Jevin's battle skills, a high-speed runner with tons of stamina with very little attack/defense powers. His boots help in increasing his speed greatly.

Off course, with so much speed, you'd need fast instincts as well, otherwise you might crash into a wall which might have suddenly popped out of nowhere.

I guess it all started out when someone asked me whether I would prefer huge explosive offense power or tons of speed. I realized, even if you had tons of power, if you're not fast enough, you don't really conflict any damage. Instead, a person with speed, even if their attack range is small, at least they make contact with enemy, whereas the powerful one wouldn't be able to strike on such a fast-running person.

In our middle schools, all the six-graders every year had to do a Greek Mythology stimulation, and I have to say, the Greek god that I liked the best was Hermes, the messanger god, because nothing happened to him, and no great huge tragic drama really involves him, and hes not a immature greedy god/goddess who think highly of themselves because they are gods. Thats where the winged boots come in, but Jevin can't fly like Kei. His running power just boosts.

In 7th grade, I did a bird project thing with ~Serain, thats how I came up with the fast instincts. I don't remember the textbook details, but it went something like this: "Imagine you're a bird, and you dive straight into a thick tree. Weaving in and out of those twisting branches, not even smacking your head against anything solid, allows the bird to navigate with fast instincts, and finally landing on a branch."

-Likes to run
-Is animal-friendly
-has a horse (not shown) but the horse is just a regular horse.

Coloring is with Prismacolor Markers, then editted in Photoshop.
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