Grecia - Greece 07 Picture

:: Grécia. Que mulher é essa? :: PG 07 ::

Sabe aquele momento em que você jura que seu amigo vai falar alguma coisa interessante, mas é totalmente o contrário?
Pois é.

Roteiro: Marcos Brito.
Arte: Reginaldo Moreira.
Cores: Marcos Brito.

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:: Greece. Who is this woman? :: PG 07 ::

Do you know that moment when you believe your friend will say some interesting thing, but what happens is total the otherwise?
This is it.

Writed by: Marcos Brito.
Art: Reginaldo Modeira.
Colors: Marcos Brito.

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Sufulu: What?!

Kladiu: I thunked he'd speak some interesting thing!

Tredes is afraid.

Sufulu: Aaannnnd…

Kladiu: And about Hermes, the gods's messenger? Do you believe that he comes?

Tredes: Hopefully yes. Lets obey his instructions to wait him.

And they go home.

Teller: … and another day dawns…

Cock singing again: Bem-ti-viii... [great kiskadee's song]

Cupid wakes up furious.


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