C.C. Char - Hitofuki Tsukiyomi Picture

My newest character for the collab comic between me, Wingoftheangel and AstroboyGF. 8D

(translation of cursive notes on the image)
Name: Tsukiyomi Hitofuki
Age: ten
Year: freshman
Element: Wind (air)
She's a ten year-old genius who is obsessed with Inari (my main character). Inari had saved her (from what I have no idea yet) two years ago and so Tsukiyomi has been in love with her ever since. Everywhere Inari goes you'll find her around a nearby corner or something. She's kind of like the messenger Hermes from Greek mythology with her shoes, so she should be able to play an important part in chapters (or whatever) where someone is missing or something?

Yay for Lesbian Loli~ :3

This is my character for this collab comic. I made her myself, so please DO NOT even try to steal her. Or else I will end you. Thanks~!
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