+The beauty and The Wolf+ Picture

This is an entry for a contest called: Talented Unpopular DA teen contest.

And my theme is:
"Oooooshit" Goal
You/your OC+Ginormous scary monster=Fight or Flight?
You were walking out around the ruins/forest/city and- ...Biiiig foot lands in front of you. You feel hot breath coming down and you and you look up into the face of a giant, nasty looking monster. Everyone but you, of course, has already fled in terror leaving you to deal with it. What do you do? Yes, it's okay to kill the monster. Or tame it. Or dress it up in a baby costume. Or anything else. Be creative~

At first I could not think of anything to do, first thought was "Scooby Snack" and I tried so many drafts but it did not worked.
Then I read about the Greek's Mythical three headed dog: Cerberus.
There were 5 people who tried to pass Cerberus: Hercules, Orpheus, Hermes, Sybil of Cumae , and Psyche.
Only Orpheus used music to lull Cerberus to sleep, the concept which I have used for my art.

Since my character had read so much about the Greek ideology and mythology, and knows how to play the flute really well, she just had to try. Wallah! it worked! There is nothing more better than playing a mellow music under the blue sky with the scent of fresh earth wafting about the surroundings.

Line Art & PS CS3

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