HA: Astronomy Picture

Kaylee's favorite constellation is Pegasus. She has always been fascinated with horses and Greek mythology, and Pegasus is a grand combination of the two. The story of Pegasus starts with a demigod named Perseus, whom is sent on a quest to end the life of Medusa. The goddess, Athena, gave him a shield, and Hermes gave him winged sandals. When he arrived to Medusa's home, he used the shield to help him locate her sleeping form, and decapitated her. From her severed neck, a white winged horse appeared. This brilliant creature became known as Pegasus. Kaylee is fascinated with the concept of good arising from evil, and beauty beneath something deemed unattractive. Though the story is more literal, this is basically the main theme. Something she deeply believes in. In other words, good conquers evil with a clever scheme, and there is beauty in everything.
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