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BOCA RATON, Florida (AP) -- Harry Lampert, the illustrator who created the DC Comics superhero "The Flash" and later became known for his instructional books on bridge, died Saturday. He was 88.

Lampert, who had been suffering from cancer, died at Boca Raton Community Hospital, according to his family.

He began drawing professionally at 16, inking cartoons at Fleischer Studios in New York for characters such as Popeye, Betty Boop and KoKo the Clown.

Six years later, Lampert created the DC Comics original "Flash Comics .1" in 1940, collaborating with writer Gardner Fox. The first-edition featuring the physics-defying superhero has become a classic among comic book collectors.

"He based it on the character in mythology (Hermes) ... the wings on his feet," said daughter Karen Lampert Akavan. "He had no idea how big it would be."


He earned his wings and flew off to "the undiscovered country"
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