SDL Halloween 08 - Death Picture

A submission for the SDL Halloween Costume Contest [link] . At first I was going to have Tao as a dreaded Ninja-Pirate, but in the end I opted for a more traditional costume: Death.

Gods of death in Asian culture have become quite well-known thanks to popular anime such as Bleach (Soul Reapers) and Death Note (Shinigami). In Korean culture, they're not so much gods as guides to the next world, sort of like Hermes in Greek mythology. They look and act human, except that they dress completely in black, and once they have you, you have no choice but to follow. There are many folk stories about people who trick them to avoid an untimely death.

My version borrows from Asian costume and the Western idea of the black-cowled Death. In homage to Terry Pratchett, I put a half-moon instead of a full moon. I know the lighting is too strong, but I wanted the costume to be actually visible.

Bleh. Tired. x_x

pen and ink + digital coloring, 10/30/08
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