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Probably you will be asking: what the hell is Golden Link?!

Golden Link is a story that I wrote a long time ago and it's really important to me!
I have always loved the mythology (Greek, Egyptian or Norman for me it makes no difference!) and I started reading the first books when I was little with my grandfather. Growing up my passion increased and my grandfather gave me books related to this topic (one of my favorites spoke of the origin of the world in various ancient cultures ... I love it!)
It's from here that our idea was born! It's based on Greek/Roman culture (our favorite!) and this was our idea: What if not all people in the world were the same? What if among us were hiding special people? But they do not know it! People who have past life, special past lives! People who are reincarnations of the ancient gods.

No one had noticed her arrival and suddenly she was famous all over the city: Granny Lain, the owner of a small dark strange shop.
When the seventeen year old Mac sees it for the first time, he would like to be able to enter, see what's inside, it looks interesting. Anya, his best friend, convinces him to pass after school and it is then that his true destiny begins: for the first time the old woman opens her eyes and he's like hit by lightning and loses consciousness. When he wakes up, everything changed. He has changed.
He is Hermes, or rather, he is the reincarnation of Hermes and he's out of control. What happened?
With his friend, Mac tries desperately to find Granny Lain, but he can't find more than a silent New York that gives no hope. And Pepito, her small black puppy dog​​. Still, he feels not alone: there are other people like him, other guys who share the same fate. Maybe all together can make things right, to restore a balance, help Mac to regain control of himself. The two kids have no choice but to run away from home. Was waiting for them a wild trip, where ancient legends have entirely taken over.


art + OCs by me
Story is MINE
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