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Ugh! Why do I always forget her wings!?!?!? D8< She has light blue wings. Just so you all know. But yeah, here's her revamp for the group. I hope people like the new outfit. D: Oh, and her eyes are the same color now. Just saying.

And bio, slightly updated:

Name: Calla
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: - Charis
Sponsor: Aphrodite

Personality: Calla is free spirited and is like the air magic she contains. She seems to swirl around everywhere and help wherever and whenever she can. She's put down a bit because she isn't that strong, but it doesn't get her down. In the presence of the Gods and Goddesses other than Aphrodite, she appears to be shy and somewhat timid, especially around Hermes. Among her Goddess Aphrodite however, she's as comfortable with her as she is with people she sees as friends, though she still treats the Goddess with respect.
Calla loves going through her classes and improving herself, trying to show that a Charis can be strong and help the other Warriors. She learns new tricks to strengthen her abilities, such as her ability to shift winds to help her hit the mark every time with archery. She has the ability to shoot without, but she likes to practice, just in case.
History: Calla's father left a couple months after she was born, taking her older brother Thymos with him. She never knew anything about her father, and her mother had never told her she had an older brother, but he knew nothing about his little sister either, until they found each other at the Athenaeum.
Her mother was killed while they were taking a walk in the woods. There were some human bandits that wandered into the land surrounding the village they lived in, and her mother made Calla hide, but wasn't able to get away. The older Charis died that day in front of her daughter, Calla only being 13. Since then, she took care of herself, since her mother had already taught her how to cook basic meals and to fend for herself.
Calla was strong emotionally, but always dreamed of finding love somewhere. Her skills for archery and wind magic were exceptional in her village, and was always off practicing when she wasn't working in the fields or doing odd jobs that she could to earn money for food and clothing. Aphrodite took notice of her and was impressed on how she had managed to pick up the broken pieces of her life and keep going, coming back stronger than ever. She offered Calla sponsorship at the Athenaeum, and the young Charis quickly agreed, never thinking that she would make friends and then be forced to fight them her fifth year.
Sometime during her third year, a boy with blond hair comes, and his name was Thymos. After being curious about him, she finally finds out that he's her brother. Unfortunately, she didn't know how abusive he was until he decided to show his darker colours. The Charis, however, refused to tell anyone about when he hit her, afraid to lose the only family she had. Fortunately for her, he disappeared sometime without telling anyone, and she doesn’t know where he is.
Also during her third year, she finds herself falling in love with the messenger god Hermes. When he was delivering a message to Mnem, Calla, who was leaving Mnem's office, ran into him. She then blushed and quickly ran off before he could even say anything. After that, she watched for him more and more, and somewhere along the line, her admiration for him turned into love.
However, love isn’t always easy. Calla felt that Hermes would never truly love her, and she became friends with the guard Jerome. The young Charis soon found her affections split between the two males.

Preferred Weapon: bow and arrow, air magic
Ability: controls air currents, but not powerful enough to create a full-blown windstorm on her own
Classes: See Here:
-Hand to Hand combat
-Magic: Wind
-Mythology and History
-Rituals and Temple Works
Roommate: Adonia

Calla and art to me, #AthenaeumOfWar belongs to ~TheDutchesse
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