Divine Intervention page 7 Picture

In which the Loki and Odin show continues, Loki gets his comeuppance and normal service resumes.

More fourth wall breaking silliness. I thought it’d be fun to give a bit of a reason for all of this going on, and inter-pantheon politics is as good a reason as any. Yes, I have been re-reading the Sandman recently, why do you ask?

And I finally found a way to get Loki to stop talking: in the grand tradition of stories involving him, it had to end with him getting hurt. Sorry Loki!

Hermes’ comment that Odin is “familiar” is a little reference to Julius Caesar's writings about Northern Europe. He seemed to think that Odin was Mercury (aka Hermes). And to be fair to him, there are certainly similarities: both are travellers, both are associated with magic, and both are a little ambiguous at times.

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