PP: Chibi Bell Picture

So, a full body picture of my masquerain bell. It's a chibi because that's all I seem to really beable to do lately, but it gives you the idea of stuff.

The background is of a sunset, above the trees. OTL i fail at backgrounds

Yes she's in a different outfit then in the battlecard, she's not one to wear the same outfit daily. She has many things with her headband pattern, sum scarfs and dresses and she always has something to resumble that pattern.
Now onto her feet, if you guys know hermes from greek mythology then you'll get the basics of this. Her wings are ATTACHED to her feet, I havn't really desided where but i'm sure imma put them on the bump thingy(not good with names) because of this she cannot wear socks or shoes, unless they're specially made to go around her wings. She can fly in every which direction.
Her lips and eye colour, yep like i said it's not makeup, she can use makeup to cover it up if she wanted but she doesn't. It looks a bit weird but i kinda like it, imma just have to remember to add them every time.
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