Norse Nonsense Picture

Like every other nerd on the planet, I went and saw the Avengers movie. Anyway, long story short, I'm now on a mythology kick (because the presence of Norse gods in said film made me sad that there isn't more Norse mythology in cinema) and I had a mighty urge to draw Thor and Loki getting up to shenanigans and so.... this.

One of the reasons I never got into the Marvel Thor comics (other than the disappointing lack of mythology and the faux-Elizabethan dialogue, overuse of the words "thy" and "verily" is a terrible, terrible crime) is I could never get past the costumes. I'm fairly sure the reason every wears impractical helmets in it is some reference to the pop culture image of Vikings with horned helmets, but here's the thing, Vikings DIDN'T WEAR HORNED HELMETS. Okay, there are maybe...two ceremonial helms found in the area that date from the Viking Age, but... no. Horned helmets are a much earlier Germanic thing and admittedly a Bronze Age Mediterranean thing and a Bronze Age British thing and... ugh just about everybody BUT the Norsemen. And no one is allowed to wear wings on their hat unless they're Hermes or Asterix. Cos I fuggin' LOVE Asterix. History jokes for the win!

Ahem. Rant over.

And before anyone shouts at me, I know I'm taking liberties for the sake of this not-very-funny-gag. Loki has no business being out of his bonds and by rights shouldn't know anything about pop culture (actually, the thought of him with access to pop culture is pretty terrifying...) and Thor probably wouldn't be too comfortable hanging out with him these days but... hey, they were very close friends once and Loki is rather...persuasive.

And now I want mead. Where's my drinking horn? *insert generic "mighty horn" joke here*
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