Archangel Michael Picture

Michael(Mihael)-"Who is like the God"
-He's a general of the army of Heaven.
-He's usually represented with a sword and a shield, but
I put two swords instead.

On this picture I "mixed" various mythology, from Christian
and Greek to Asian. The picture is full of symbols. Michael's
swords are one of them, too. The sword in his right hand
represents Christ(The Son) with two little skulls(Adam and Eve). The other sword shows little flames(The Holy Spirit).
His armour is in a Roman style (god Mars) and the wings
on his helmet are actually the wings of Hermes.
On almost every Archangel I draw you can notice little
triangulars. That's the Eye, the symbol of God.
"The snake" is a mixture of a dragon, the snake from Bible
and the Greek Medusa.

-I used Japanese water and fade proof. pigment
ink pencils
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