costume plan Picture

ok so my new tech english class is doing a project about greek mythology. we have to choose a partner to work with, and pick a god or goddess, and we cant have the same choice as our partner. I chose Hermes, the messenger god, and my partner/ bffl michelle (mini-people) chose Hypnos, god of sleep. during the prodject, there will come a day, called interview day at school, where we have to dress up as our god or goddess and tell the teachers about ourselves (character). we have to cosplay. before me and mini-people make our costumes and hair design, i drew it out to see what we would look like when we dress up. she said thats what she was going to wear and i already had this planned the day we knew about it. so if you could please leave a comment or something. oh! and on the day we wear costumes, im gonna bring my camera to school and take pictures of everyone and their costumes and see if mine and michelles costume plan worked.

p.s.- that is michelles actual hair color. that is seriously the color it is as we speak. and her skin is literally as white as the background. im not just kidding. its scary. imma take a piture of her during the interview.

wish us luck!!
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