Happy Fazzah's Day Picture

this was mostly a practice with my prisma color shading markers (notice the fail there and there lol)
i wanted to draw a headshot and bothered my dad whut to draw. he rumaged thru a greek and roman mythology book and told me he wanted this dude. just make it lookm "creepy" lol i told him "dadd, i dont draw creepy....just distorted maybe but not creepy."
he laughed then said yes.
sketched it 1st, kinda hard with the wings and helmet im no good with hats u see. then inked lineart with a tiny pen ttm gave me (IT STILL WORKS LOL) then shaded with three different shades.
he then declared he wanted it and was going to frame it.
so i turned it into a father's day gift since i didnt have time to make one earlier
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