Nanjo Koji - Seraphimism Picture

Here he is, my titular saint – Nanjo Koji.
For those of you who didn’t know the name before: Koji is one of the two main characters of Minami Ozaki’s boys love series ‘Bronze’ and its prequel ‘Zetsuai since 1989’, that made the genre for the first time popular outside japan.
Koji is a rock star and - awfully rich and good-looking - he doesn’t care for a thing in the world aside from the boy he fell in love with when he was still a child: Takuto Izumi, rising soccer star, who is disgusted by Koji’s lack of morals and his cruel personality. But of course, he changes his mind somewhen in time.
But still, they can’t be happy for more than a single panel at time. I don’t think there’s a more merciless series in the world and little by little, everything these two have is taken from them, adding to the fact that both of them have a hard time getting on with each other.

What I love most about Zetsuai/Bronze isn’t the story (it’s actually merely implausible and gappy), but the incredible artworks. I spent years on getting all the artbooks (some of them are terribly hard to get and very expensive) and though I’m no interested in manga anymore for years now, I still keep looking at these books. Zetsuai/Bronze was the first manga I really fell I love with ten years ago and the only one I’d still buy a volume of if it should ever continue (Minami Ozaki is as flighty as her main character and it seems that she’s spending more time in drug withdrawal than outside). The artworks have often been referred to being more fashion design sketches than typical manga-style, mixed with symbols of ancient northern mythologies as well as christian influences and modern art. Ozaki’s style is emotional, spontaneous and aggressive at times, sometimes even expressionistic. She has an unique sense of aestheticism, which I totally adore.

There’s also a large soundtrack to the series (manga and anime) with absolutely beautiful songs. Koji was voiced by Sho Hayami, in my opinion the best seiyuu ever. Search for the music video compilation ‘Cathexis’ on youTube if you haven’t seen/heard it before. I cannot get enough of it, despite the years I know it.

I acted Koji on stage 2001 to 2003, he was my first male role; the first time I became popular in the fandom was because of the Zetsuai/Bronze-shows we did. He influenced me a lot, as you can see from the fact that Koji is my nickname for so many years now.
I wanted to cosplay him again for years. I already did a great number of cosplays on Bronze, but they are very old now, so I’m going to redo them completely.

He’s got some standard outfits, but most of the artworks are fashion styles. His brands are mostly Giorgio Armani, but Versace, Prada, Hermes and Vuitton as well, though he’s completely not the Dolce&Gabbana type.
I don’t think there’s a way to cosplay him without a variety of expensive garment.
He wears suits and coats, no jackets, but he’s also into the fancy silk shirts of Atelier Versace. I’ll do that too, but that has to wait until summer, I don’t want to freeze too muchXD

Eyewear – Giorgio Armani
Scarf, watch – Emporio Armani
Leather coat – Coat Complex Paris
Necklace – Kreuz M.O.

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