DI Doodles XI Picture

And it's time for the next batch of doodles. Yay for doodles!

First Row: Okay, so I've been on an "explore the characters' pasts" kick lately, which has been a lot of fun. Starting on the left, we have Ani and Bast (who has taken several different appearances through the ages) not long after Ani was finally released from his Underworld duties (he got out a little later than a lot of the pantheon). Next to that is another pic of Ani from sometime during the Middle Ages. And on the right, we've got a bit of Hermes and Dio in a more Renaissance-ish time period, plus a modern Dio.

Second Row: Some of the Alternate Universe kids popped up in chat recently. The AU kids are basically what happen when one of my chat partners and I go, "Hey, what if these two characters had a kid?" but don't want to actually do that in the official storyline. So we've got Zac and his girlfriend Zona on the left side of the row, and Zac, Bridget, and Cory on the right side. Cory's never shown up in my art before, being a relatively recent addition, but he'll probably show up again sometime. For that doodle, I decided to draw them as if they'd all been in the same timeline/universe, so Cory's several years younger than the other two.

Third Row: Little bit of a mish-mash here. From left to right, we've got Set, Astarte, the doodle of Geb and Bast that turned into Mornings with Geb, and then Ammut in her dog form and Ani enjoying a cup of coffee on his back patio.
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