You've got Mail U: Picture

Name : Hermesa, (She perfers Hermese though)
Age : 20 - 21 in apearence and personality, but in actual years she's somewhere around 1000
Gender : Female
Occ : Messenger between heaven and hell

History :
Not really much to say, She's spent the majority of her life being Trained and groomed to be the messenger, and now she is one. She spends the majority of her time deliverint Messages , letters and whatnot between god and Satan, or anyone else in the area who needs something delivered.

Personality : Mainly , Sarcastic. She is a very, very Sarcastic person, She has a good sense of humor, and is very open minded.
She is under standing and will listen to someone bitch and moan about their problems, and has the ability to remain neutural during conflicts, (Devil V God anyone?)
She has a very , VERY Short fuse though.
And a bad temper. She loves to cause trouble for people, and Usually , even though she's supposed to be neutural , she hangs around hell alot.

Extra : She didn't want the typical Winged sandals , so she had converse made U:
The thing on her ear works as a type of phone , so wherever she is she can get the message to deliver something.
She coined the phrase "Don't shoot the messanger" BEcause when someone gets bad news , she usually says something smart assed.

Original Design (C) DuhIdiot
Character Idea (C) Me
Hermes (C) Greek relegion and Mythology?
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