Mercury, the Messenger Picture


I feel like it's half traditional, half digital because when I took away the white background from the paper the wing shading got erased but the something happened with layers or something because what wasn't erased was on the layer below in foreground colour (which looked cool) so I took the wings from that layer and resized and moved parts of it to mimic the traditional wing shading. And then I filled in the blank parts of the wings so that it didn't look weird with the background. I really need to find out how I did that.

This is the first part of a long series that has to do with the mythological origins of the names of space objects. I couldn't think of one for the Sun (Helios/Sol) so I started with Mercury.

Mercury is the Roman god of commerce, travel and thievery, while Hermes is the Greek god who is the gods' messenger. I got this information from (because of a project I had to do for schoollol) and in the corner there's some background elevator-like music and Mercury's was the Winged Messenger. So I took that and Hermes's purpose and Mercury's name. o__O
EDIT: I forgot to make the eyes clearer, but now I'm too lazy.
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