Oh my, God -giggle- Picture

Playing with my tablet, and I needed to get new art here cause I'm spending most of my time working on stuff and it's hotter then sin here.

Anyway, PLEASE read the title with the comma. It's like saying "Oh my. 'A' God." This is Hermes, Messenger of the Gods>> Hermes.">[link] One thing I'd love to do is play a lot with mythology and folk lore of the sea, and in one plot ep Ed gets a message from the gods, delivered by Hermes. And it'd be great to have him appear just as he does here, naked except covered by clouds and what not. Ed being curious, isn't afraid to ask the man if he's like to come in his house for some fun...XD...take that how you want it to...this is just a doodle.

No mature mark because there is nothing happening...
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