Wings or No Wings Picture

Greek - meaning Warrior, Period of Time, or Chosen One

Messenger of the gods
Traveling messenger for the mortals

Ira was original based to be similar to Pit from Kid Icarus. She would probably look to be an older sister of his. I moved away from that idea but once in awhile I might use it for fun-sake.

She was originally going to have two different hair/eye color scemes for her 'god' self and 'mortal' self. The mortal self was going to have white hair and brown eyes, but I thought it would be better to keep brown hair with green eyes.

Ira also appears in another story I've come up with but instead of being related to Pit or Kid Icarus in any way, she's the decendent of Hermes. She is one of a few other children that are decents of the Greek gods. She appears as the second main character, the first being a boy named Jerome. She is able to tell that Jerome is another one of the decents, but she can't figure out who's decent he is. Jerome also hates greek mythology.

This one took a while to color and draw... Started some time a few monthes ago and picked it back up to finish.

Ira, Jerome and art (c) ~The-Child-of-Heart
Pit and Kid Icarus (c) Kid Icarus
Hermes belongs in greek mythology.
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