What Does It Feel Like? Picture

This is Autolykos.

He's a son of Hermes.
(But he doesn't know that... yet)

Autolykos is an orphan thief from Phokis.

Very stealthy young boy who raised himself in the tough streets of the bustling city.

Surviving and feeding off from the things he "borrows without permission" from the market.

His motto is " I only steal what I can't afford" usually followed by "That's everything"

Witty and optimistic, he takes on what life has to offer.

But sometime Autloykos would lie down on the rooftop of this rundown, abandoned building and look at the stars at night thinking: "I wonder what it would feel like to have a family and a home."


The story would be much clearer if I just started drawing the actual story that I have already written
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