Bird of Hermes Picture

Shitty photo is shitty. Sorry about that.

Thought I'd share since I have next to no traditional media on here. : / One of my pieces for my final art Exam. I think it's A1. It was supposed to be a self-portrait but instead I drew...whoever it is in the image. : / She's definitely not me though. For starters her boobs are nicer than mine. : < And she's skinny!

Took nearly four and a half hours. Fine liner, Biro and water colour pencils. : ] I think there's some board marker on there too. XD I still have some minor adjustments to make so I'll replace this deviation with a finished version later. If I remember. *Eye Roll*

ANYWAY! Bit of background on this image. You may just wanna skip ahead to critiquing the shit out of this beasty though. XD

This piece is VERY VERY VERY loosely based on the work of Gustav Klimt, hence the 'gold' squares and the woman. But Klimt didn't ever paint himself, I believe, the idea not interesting him, saying that if someone wants to know something about him they should look at his work. When this piece is finished you may see more of Klimt's influence. Then again, you may not. XD

I only just decided on the name 'Bird of Hermes' because she's all cut up, has blood on her hands and is also missing a wing left only with a bloody stump.'s a reference to the inscription on Alucard's coffin in Hellsing. =_=; All together now, "NEEEEEEERD"
But I doubt anyone in my art class will get the reference so I may change the title and say she's all cut up but pretty lookin' and unflinching at the same time to symbolise a constant struggle to keep it together despite clearly being in pain so as not to appear weak. It's a struggle I think most people can relate too, most of us being taught from a young age that to show weakness or ask for help is an self-indulgent act that shouldn't be encouraged when, at times, it may not be such a bad thing; sometimes we need to be a little selfish and let it all go so we don't explode a little further on down the line.

The backgrounds quite random but seeing as this was meant to be a self-portrait I like to think it shows my state of mind; Constantly fluctuating with some set points and a line that shouldn't ever be crossed.

Well, there's something to think about. Bye for now, kids. Be safe.
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