Hermes, Half-Hearted Picture

Well, I guess the title fits in more than one way, since this was no more than a half hearted attempt. I was getting a full pic of Hermes done. Hermes is a dragon. A dead one. Ghooooost. o o
*ahem* c.c Anywho, he can take on a human-esque form due to a... Complication... Unfortunately, he couldn't become fully human. He still retains his wings, and his left claw. And his spooky eyes. o o He has narrow eyes, and that, at one point in the first sketch, made him look a tad feminine, so I edited it a little.
Oh, and yes, he was named after Hermes from Greek mythology, because he often plays the messenger. *shrug*

So, in poor quality, here's your Hermes.

... Met's gonna kill me for leavin this sketchy... XD;
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