Chibi Hermes - Wings Picture

Illustration Friday Submission - Wings
Applications Used: Adobe Illustrator

A new deviantART submission? ERMAHGERD~! It's been 4EVAH~!!!
Yeah, I thought that I submit this little cutie for my profile art. Here we have a little chibi-sized Hermes that I worked on for an Illustration Friday submission. Seldom that I take a while making this stuff on Illustrator and polishing it up. All in all, I like how nice and bright it turned up.
Hermes is one of the Olympian Gods of Greek lore, emissary and messenger of the Gods, intercessor between mortals and gods and herder of souls into the afterlife. He's probably one of my favourites from Greek Mythology. He's clever but mischievous, a bit of a trickster but tends to help out mortals more than most Gods and Goddesses.
After drawing him, I kinda enjoyed creating the character that I made him for two more pictures. I'll be posting more pictures of Chibi Hermes soon. Hopefully, I can continue making more pictures of him.
Isn't he the cutest~<3
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EDIT: I did a few tweaks to the vector images like colour and the shape of the shadows.
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