Hermes, Messenger God Picture

I've always held a soft spot for Greek mythology, so I decided to do a series about them. I wanted the gods to look normal and not all powerful, as if they were enjoying a day off. I used this opportunity as a way to practice my anatomy skills, so I kept them naked. I used alot of symbolism. Each picture has a minimum of 2 animal representations and 1 botanical representation. I almost never use shadow in my drawings so I really wanted to try shading but I felt like complete shadow would ruin the photos. I also wanted everything to look as real as possible, which is why most of them has dark, curly hair, and I wanted the things in the picture to look as they would in Ancient Greece.

Hermes, God of Travel, Commerce, Message, and Cunning
Animals- Rooster and tortoise
Plants- Grain

I wanted to put Hermes in a position that showed he was about to take off and fly or run. His is my favorite men's face. It conveys a peaceful innocence and youth. Instead of giving him the caduceus, I put it on his winged shoes. Hermes has been described as being blonde which I agree. I see him with humorous emerald eyes
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