Hermes Wings Picture

Wow, a good picture of my tattoo imagine that ><

And yes I designed it myself, there is a ton of meaning behind it. Summed up...

Its my version of Hermes winged ankles

why Hermes? Well he's the messanger of the gods! It's my way of saying "SEND ME A SIGN!", he also is the god of travelers nuff said. And he guides souls in the underworld, nice to keep it as a reminder of how short life is... plus the dude stole cattle at one day old! Can you do that?

The compass - Finding my way in life
The stones - Earth, Fire, Wind, Water
The feathers - Duality and choice (Earth and Sky)
The Leaf - Sage = wisdom since its changing color, its learning through change...
Dreamcatcher design - chasing after dreams
White bead - spirit tying it all together
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