White Team 3 Picture

Created with the Pokecharms Trainer Card Maker

Card part is the original six
The pokemon below it, except for the six on the bottom, are my level 100s
The bottom six are utility pokemon

Tidal the Blastoise: One of five pokemon from Kanto, the starter in my first non-solo play of pokemon
Arrow the Fearow: Another from Kanto, the second member of the Firered team

Kitsune the Ninetales: Preventer of floods

Battra the Venomoth: Quivering in excitement
Digdug the Dugtrio: Another from Kanto, the third member of the team

Jack the Primeape: Has a weird obsession with railroads (Named after a baboon rumored to work on a railway in Africa)

Ignis the Arcanine: Yet another member of my Kanto team

Houdini the Alakazam: Calm Mind and Recovering. Would have been called Hecate if he was a female
Ju-Doh the Machamp: Doesn't DOOOOOODGE!
Flytrap the Victreebel: Alternate name: Venus

Kraken the Tentacruel: Released

Epona the Rapidash: Qualifies as a glass cannon

Clam the Cloyster: Five for flinching
Phantom the Gengar: Clefable's shadow
KaBOOM the Electrode: The fifth member of my Kanto team, the sixth member was never solid, shifting from Vileplume, to Snorlax, then to Mr. Mime, which were not transferred over. The Snorlax up ahead was breed in Black. As was the Mr. Mime
Tibia the Marowak: Has a bone to pick with the foe
Matilda the Kangaskhan: Not scared of any ghosts

Jewel the Starmie: Star of the team
Charade the Mr. Mime: Passes the baton

Carmen the Jynx: A known plotter
Ryujin the Gyarados: A rather jolly gal

Coyote the Jolteon: Get a jolt of that

Sickle the Kabutops: Slice and dice
Ptera the Aerodactyl: Faster than it appears

Snooze the Snorlax: Hits himself in the morning
Komodo the Dragonite: A battle dancer
Solar the Typlosion: Ah, Typlosion, the evolution of my first ever pokemon in Pokemon Gold, This one is from a solo on Heartgold, done for old time's sake
Shuriken the Crobat: A brave bat

Zap the Ampharos: Amped up and ready to shock
Gama the Politoed: It’s raining people and animals!

Brain the Espeon: Has some bounce in his step
Shrapnel the Forretress: The oldest member of the team from a Gen 5 game

Diamonix the Steelix: Hide tougher than steel

Scarab the Heracross: Puts the Hera in Heracross
Mantis the Scizor: A long time debate with this guy was speed VS defense, as you can see, defense won
Cerberus the Houndoom: She has been released
Neptune the Kingdra: The mon who will be king of the seas
Nurse Joy the Blissey: A hearty mon

Godzilla the Tyranitar: Rarely roars
Gecko the Sceptile: Don’t ask him about insurance

Sombero the Ludicolo: Prefers his food like him: Mild
Mage the Gardevoir: Knight’s partner/mate/sister (take your pick)

Amanitas the Breloom: Poison welcome
King Kong the Slaking: A dangerous for chained by laziness
Tekka the Ninjask: Tekka’s the name, speed’s the game

Ferrum the Aggron: Has a very dense body
Yoga the Medicham: A power that is pure

Volt the Manectric: Hasty to switch at times
Antlion the Flygon: Often outraged

Saguaro the Cacturne: May be a cactus, but no water attacks
Peng the Altaria: Another Mythological nickname

Basilisk the Seviper: Coil and strike
Armordillo the Armaldo: Quite jolly
Nuregami the Milotic: Timid yet quick tempered

Abyss the Absol: Meeting him means you don't have Super Luck
Hyneman the Walrein: Stalls constantly

Salamander the Salamence: Second to last Dragon I raised
Blue Gene the Metagross: Fast punches

Son Wukong the Infernape: Son Goku felt wrong somehow
Rawk Hawk the Staraptor: Unfezant's successor
Leo the Luxray: Has Guts
Dracorex the Rampardos: Hits like ten trucks
Dex the Ambipom: Leader of the Pick Up squad
Hindenburg the Drifblim: Keeps a Calm Mind
Sage the Mismagius: Thunder, nature, spiritual, and mental
Dotaku the Bronzong: Barrier warrior
Chain the Garchomp: Terror in a sandstorm
Anubis the Lucario: Long and close range fighter
Scorpion the Drapion: Criticals hurt really bad
Frogger the Toxicroak: Loves the rain
Yeti the Abomasnow: School's out due to snow
Itachi the Weavile: Pockets will be picked

Gigawatt the Magnezone: Calm but quick tempered

Panzer the Rhyperior: Often lost in thought

Tumbleweed the Tangrowth: Fun in the sun

Tesla the Electivire: Close shocker
Fireball the Magmortar: Far burner
Harmony the Togekiss: Two for flinching

Megaguirus the Yanmega: A thief with a sense for items
Fern the Leafeon: A swordsmon
Permafrost the Mamoswine: Sends a chill up your spine
Norton the Porygon-Z: Unofficial update
Knight the Gallade: A strange swordsmon

Undertaker the Dusknoir: Doesn’t let anything stop her from completing a job
Yuki the Froslass: Near invisible in a blizzard
Geist the Rotom: Form of appliance

Kenshin the Samurott: The starter that was the first step to all of this
Spot the Stoutand: A memorial to my old dog
Ember the Simisear: Hear no evil

Stripes the Zebstrika: Has speed, but needs more offense

Monty Mole the Excadrill: A pokemon I thought was cool from the first time I saw it's pre-evolution
Folium the Leavanny: Proudly opposes gender roles

Gigas the Scolipede: The third member of the story mode team
Cotton the Whimsicott: Attacks without attacking
Baryon the Krookodile: The fourth/fifth member of the story team
Sanzaru the Darmanitan: The fourth/fifth member of the story team
Hoodlum the Scrafty: Actually quite jolly

Tut the Cofagrigus: Remover of pesky abilities
Pringles the Jellicent: Great ‘stache

Gamera the Carracosta: Has a rock hard shell
Rodan the Archeops: A pessimist
Miasma the Garbodor: I got this one just to spite those who mock it for being a bag of trash, which is a VERY good and original pokemon design
Mirage the Zoroark: A trolling pokemon if there's ever been one
Seru the Reunculus: Final member of the story team
Jack Frost the Vanilluxe: Grows in blizzards
Shika the Sawsbuck: Welcomes nature
Sniper the Galvantula: Rarely misses
Caltrop the Ferrothorn: Touch at own risk
Unagi the Eelektross: Without weakness
Yokai the Chandelure: Welcomes flames
Garm the Haxorus: Dances with axes

Niflhiem the Cryogonal: Cool and calm
Slug the Accelgor: Let it rain

Shaolin the Mienshao: Hit and run
Icarus the Drudigon: Slow but steady
Goliath the Golurk: Powerful punches

Sentai the Bisharp: Comes from a family of level 100s
Flik the Durant: Alternate name: Atta

Ghidorah the Hydreigon: Dark earth dragon
Mothra the Volcarona: Quivers before fighting

Fortuna the Unfezant: The second member of the story team; retired and turned into a personal flight pokemon. Level 72. Retirement will soon be undone

Aipoms: The members of the Pick Up team. All level 41. Two girls and three boys

Gliscor: A false swiper. Level 50. If overpowered, other mons above can take over
Farfetch’d: The new Flight HM Slave
Goldeen: Sea HM Slave
Watchog: Land HM Slave

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