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when he's not around other people, Narc tends to become a rather melancholy character, and often gets lost in his own thoughts :'DD

anyways.... info for today will be on Yakku and the Yakkult :'DD


Yakku was the thirteenth god on Mount Olympus. He was the son of Zeus and Hera, and is brother to Ares and.... a bunch of other gods. *needs to brush up on her Greek mythology again*

Anyways.... Yakku was god over all the creepy-crawlies; bugs and arachnids, for the most part. He spent more time on earth instead of Mount Olympus because of this, and the other gods thought it strange.

One day while Yakku was watching some of his ants, he realized how brilliant their battle strategy was. They attacked without care for their own bodies to save their queen, and had the upmost viciousness. What's more, they ate the bodies of their enemies to provide energy for them to fight longer.

So Yakku went to Nerah, a human King who was about to go to battle with another country, and told him of the ant's battle strategy.

Nerah rejected Yakku and his ways, naming them barbaric, and continued to pray to Ares for guidance in war.

This angered Yakku, of course, and so he went to his brother Ares to try one last time to win over Nerah. Ares just laughed at his sibling, however, and rejected him as well.

This angered Yakku even more, and he called together all of his creepy crawly minions to see what could be done about the human Nerah and his army. After looking over all of his bugs and recording their strengths and weaknesses, he chose the Golden Scorpion as his Ace, and fed it the Nightshade he had squandered from Mother Nature.

He then set the Golden Scorpion onto Nerah's army, and the men quickly perished, earning the arachnid the nickname 'Deathstalker Scorpion'.

Ares was angry with the loss of Nerah, and went to his father to complain. Zeus was equally angry with his son, but only because of Yakku's complete waste of human life. He cast his son down to live with the mortals for forever, and banned him from Mount Olympus. Athena also forbade anyone to speak of Yakku's name ever again, god, goddess, or mortal, so his actions were not written down by the ancient scribes.

Yakku thought he was alone on the earth, but his insects and arachnids hadn't forgotten him. They found him a woman by the name of Arath, who's love for bugs was only crowned by the god's. Yakku fell in love with Arath, and she gave birth to their son Scorpio, named after the scorpion, and started the race of demi-gods named the Yakkult.

***END INFO***
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