Sailor Io Picture

About the Girl
Name: Natsumi Kanetsu
Nickname: Nat
Name Meaning: summer moon overheating
Birthday: July 25 (Leo)
Age: 16
Eyes: yellow
Hair: light blonde (shoulder length)
Skin: fair
Height: five foot two inches

Likes: boys, coffee, friends, French, and summer
Dislikes: rain, animal furs, meat, crowds, and Math
Strong Points: tanning, fighting, and walking in heels
Has Trouble With: running away from a fight, thinking ahead, and studying
Dream: To travel the world
Occupation: high school student (sophomore), and part-time bookkeeper at the Hikawa Shrine

Personal History: Nat grew up traveling, never staying in one place for long. She was raised by her maternal aunt until she fourteen. When she was fourteen, Nat moved in with her cousin, Yuuichirou Kumada.

About the Senshi
Sailor Name: Sailor Io
Realm of Influence: Heat
Transformation: “Io Satellite Power!”
Transformation Item: Gadfly Bracelet
Weapon: Gadfly Staff
Colors: light gray, yellow, and dark red
Attack 1: “Burning Beam!”
Attack 2: “True Spark!”
Attack 3: “Inferno Energy Blast!”
Team: Team Galileo (Jovian Satellites)

Description: Sailor Io wore the standard Team Galileo uniform. Her skirt was light gray with a yellow stripe. Her front bow was yellow and her jewel was dark red. The gauntlets on her gloves were yellow. The Gadfly Bracelet was on top of her left glove. Her choker was yellow and the jewel was dark red. Her back bow was dark red. The jewel on her tiara was dark red. She wore yellow heels with a five inch heel.

Place in the Silver Millennium: Nat was one of the older half-sisters of the Jovian Princess. She was the princess of Io, one of the main satellites. She was a member of Team Galileo – which is a subgroup of the Jovian Satellites – and their main job was to protect the princess. The King of Jupiter had main children amongst the Jovian Satellites and the other satellites, but he only acknowledged the Galileo Satellites and his heiress.

Mythology: Io was a princess, lusted after by Zeus. Zeus' wife Hera became jealous of her husband's seduction of Io, so she brought misfortune on Io, including sending a gadfly to sting her wherever she went.

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Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi
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