Callisto and Calista Picture

Wow, this is certainly a blast from the past, isn't it? Sailor Callisto on the left; Calista Orsini on the right. They're both showing off their items: Callisto her music box, Calista her bow and arrows that she shoots stuff with. They're sort of the same character, in a sense.

See, my <a href-"[link]">NaNo '12 story came from a weird idea I had to reboot this old fan senshi story, Goddess Power! (and yes, it had the exclamation point in the title.) GP! was crap, especially in writing, as well as in details.

(Basically, it was a universe where SM and co. didn't exist, because I didn't want to waffle around with writing canon characters in character or trying to shoehorn the whole thing into SM-verse. It's the laziest cop out ever, but I vaguely remember people complimenting me on it. Maybe it was a new and novel idea back in 2002-3, but it's not ten years down the road. God, has it been 10 years? Where has the time gone?)

The initial idea was that this was mostly going to be a redesign and rewrite of the characters, not something I was actually going to write. So, to that end, I decided to revamp the whole team based on the Callisto and Artemis myth. I can't remember what my thought processes were as a 14 year old, but I clearly must have had some knowledge of the mythology behind it, as the Queen Beryl ripoff was named Queen Hera, and her underling was called Artemis, wore gladiator-type sandals, and had a bow (and arrows made of dark electricity or something like that). The Tuxedo Kamen ripoff was also called Jupiter Kamen, but that has less to do with the mythos than it does the astronomical: Callisto is an icy moon of Jupiter. Though considering the myth, having Callisto hook up with Jupiter is rather ironic.

I do kind of remember that I was sort of going on a blend of myth and astronomy: Sailor Callisto was going to be from an icy, rocky world (the moon), and she was completely different before Hera got her hands on her...well, I can't remember if I planned for her to be reincarnated or what, but the whole "getting turned into a bear" aspect of her personality was going to show through post-Hera meddling: her uniform would have had fur on it and I was considering dabbling in facial markings like I did with James - big black rings around the eyes and on the tip of the nose. There was even the possibility of her being reborn in a culture that had strong bear influences, like the Inuit. That last part might have been overkill, but the point was that Hera messed her shit up bad, because Hera doesn't play around when she curses people.

And while these thoughts were flying around, ~anijel and ~erin-hime were planning out NaNo '12. At the time I planned to do a completely different story, but thanks to the two of them leaning towards doing something myth-based themselves, they talked me into taking the general idea (the myth, modernized), and stripping it of all senshi influences. I decided to tone down the whole bearness of Callisto.
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