Tha Booty Hunters Picture

Actually they're bounty hunters... but booty hunters sounded sillier
The green-haired gal, I wrote down her name somewhere cuz I was like 'I'm gonna forget this one...' and I seemed to have misplaced it XD; I'll find it somehow... anyway, the one with the big sunglasses is Aphrodite (aFROdite :-D), and one with the cap is Persephone, and the blue-haired one is Hera ^^ Yesh, they are all from Greek mythology- which I find really interesting ^^

Umm not alot to say with this one XD I was practicing lips and hair and stuff so boom... I drew this ^^ They fit into MF later on as the not-so-bad guys, like Team Rocket XD

© Meeee '05
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