Nyx, the Goddess of the Night Picture

Girl: Do you know the story of the Greek Gods and Goddesses in Mount Olympus?

Young Boy eagerly nods.

Girl: So you must know how different each and every God and Goddess are. You must know that many are jealous, angry, and contain deep hatred of each other. Despite that, they all have at least one common thing among them.

Young Boy: What is it?

Girl: They all reign and fight and argue and love and hate during the daytime. They all have to sleep. And when nighttime finally comes, Nyx, the beautiful, elegant, and graceful Goddess of the night comes to life. While the day belongs to the other Gods, Nyx owns the night.

Young Boy: What does she look like?

Girl: Her long, sweeping, jet black hair is darker than the night sky itself. Her eyes are darker than the sky yet lighter than the ocean; a new, unique shade of blue. They are calm and pure, yet they pierce right through you. She is the princess of night and she lives and kills for the night.

Girl whispers into Young Boy's ear.

Girl: She is Nyx, the Goddess of the Night.
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