War, Love, Fire Picture

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On the left, Ares god of war and fire, and generally hated by all the other gods, except Aphrodite, who loves him for no adequately explained reason. Even his parents hate him. Ouch. So He's got the curly, dark hair of his parents (Zeus and Hera), and a random sort of armor thing going on there. I didn't do any research for it, and like all the other outfits, isn't historically accurate on purpose.

In the middle, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, laughter, and beauty. She's actually the first of the Greek gods I began doodling back in September. And that hair... Man. Ever since I first started reading about Greek mythology, I've ALWAYS seen Aphrodite with blond, curly hair. And thinking about it, I don't think I've ever seen anyone else portray her as anything but blond, or at least reddish-blond. Nothing personal, brunettes.
I initially had trouble coming up with her outfit, but then I went with this pseudo-disco queen thing going on... I don't know. But I thought it'd be nice to keep from a stereotype and actually cover her up. She does have a lot of outfits, many of which DO expose more skin than this outfit, but... Whatever. She also does not wear shoes.

And on the right, Hephaestos god of the forge... which involves heat, like what comes from fire (title: justified!) Um... I've never really thought about him that much. I just knew 1) he was "lame" (something wrong with his foot) and 2) he tricked either Zeus or Hera depending on what you're reading so they would make Aphrodite marry him. So up here he's sad because his wife prefers the company of Ares the A-hole. Very sad. He's also got a beard, if you can't tell.
And he's the only one of these designs that is based partially off the Disney one - Hephaestos in "Hercules" has that weird column thing on his foot. I said "Oh, okay" and... stole it.
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