Argus Lends A Hand Picture

Where DO mythological figures go on DA? They're not Fan Art really, and they're certainly not OCs ... if you can even put them in Fantasy in the first place.

Anyhow, for those of you not familiar with Greek myths, Argus was a servant of Hera known for having multiple sets of eyes. Most commonly, you hear that he had a hundred. After he was slain by Hermes, Hera took the eyes off his body and placed them on the feathers of the peacock.

This is an exercise from my drawing book to isolate one feature - in this case, eyes. I just decided to throw in the hand "backdrop" on a whim. This one took me a really long time to do because my life went haywire in the meantime.

Obviously, this is yet a different interpretation of Argus, as if he has this many eyes just on one hand there's bound to be more than a hundred across his body ...
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