Eye of the Peacock Picture

This painting was created for a Mythology class Spring 2006. The story is of Argus and the peacock.

Story - Ever jelous Hera turned Zeus' new girlfriend, Io, into a cow to prevent him from being with her and placed Argus, a hundred eyed creature, in charge of keeping watch of the bovine gal. Argus always had half of his eyes watching Io, while the rest could sleep, preventing anymore promiscuity. Zeus sent his son Hermes to lull Argus to sleep and kill him. Hera upset over the loss of her servant took his eyes and placed them on the tail of her favorite bird, the peacock. One way to look at it is that the main peacock with his tail spread wide is the awake half of Argus, and the white peacock in the back is the sleeping half. The other way is that the main one is Argus while he's still alive and the one in back when he's dead. Of course Io is the happy cow in the back eating the purple flowers.

Supplies - acrylic paints, metallic powders, the top half of a peacock mask, peacock feathers, wax and wire. The head was formed out of paraffin wax and scratched with sandpaper so the paint would adhere, then attached with wire stuck through the canvas. The crest feathers would have been way expensive and taken too much time to find to have used real ones so I butchered a good many eyes to make my own. So happy that my mother had a friend who donated dozens of old tail feathers. The body is just layers and layers of molding paste which took forever to dry. >-< Unfortunately it wasn't quite dry the day I took it to school and the neck cracked a bit, and the beak's paint has peeled off a bit. There are some clouds in that bland bit of sky but the camera wouldn't let them show.
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