Virgo Picture

Ok, this is my new serie of pictures. I've already made a chinese zodiac so I'm trying to make the other type, but starring people from greek mythology.
This is Eris as Virgo (or jungfrun = maid as we say in Sweden ^^). Eris is kind of the greek mythology version of Loki, a trickster. She was the real reason behind the Trojan war. When she wasn't invited to a wedding she made three of the guests fight; Athena, Hera and Afrodite. From there on most people know the myth.
To bad Eris isn't in that many myths, she's cool ^^.

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I've hidden small zodiac symbols in each picture. Try to find them if you can. This one only has one but most of them has two.
I've also tried to match each pic with the sign's element, mostly by the color of eyes and clothes.
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